Hello Gentleman,


As you can see from my postings and my site, I have a bit of an unconventional approach compared to what you would typically find in the marketplace. Understanding a girl's mindset on how  she likes to entertain is key in your decision making process. Matching yourself up with a girl that is like-minded is important !! You can browse the pages all day long and are continually disappointed when there was no physical or mental connection !

Why is it that you keep looking for someone new? Its because you have not made any sincere connections in the past and you keep looking til you find the one ! You want to find that one girl that you can see time and time again. You want to feel the bonds of friendship so that your time with that girl will truly be intimate and genuine....and it would be really nice if the girl liked you back !! 

The complaint that I hear most from my gentleman callers is that many of their experiences were too transactional. There was no conversation, no affection, no real intimacy !! Why is that ? I believe this is because no one bothered to take the time to know each other and if a girl is focused on getting you in and out the door, then getting to know you is the farthest thing from her mind.


Now, dig in the vault and remember one of your greatest relationships. Boy meets girl. Boy chases girl. Boy gets girl. Boy has sex with girl for the first time...and its was just OK !! Nothing great, nothing memorable ! However, you two spend more time together...getting to know each other...then you two go at it a few more times....and by the third or fourth time, well you two are having insanely great sex !

Knowing this, has made me approach each individual with a little more care and respect for the process. When you come see me, I want you to expect something different than what you are used to. I know you haven't found the right girl yet, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this blog of mine !! If you are open to making a long term connection with a girl, know that this girl is all about that. Lets try to get to know each other !


When you come to see me, expect to be greeted with a hug, a kiss and a big smile ! We will sit and chat with each visit for a bit ! I want to get to know you as well as you getting to know me ! This is so important for us to truly make a connection !! Chemistry is not always an immediate thing. When two people can talk, laugh and share....that chemistry between the two can be unleashed....and now you've got yourself a nice thing going !!

If you are shy, well....don't be !! Open up and let a girl in ! It makes a difference. I won't rush anyone through this process, I'm ok with letting you set the pace, but I am a dominant, extroverted female so am very good at helping you open up about yourself, your likes and dislikes. All I ask is your willingness to do things differently. If you need help with this because you are shy, just let me know ! Girls sometimes mistake a man's shyness as lack of personality, so let me help you become more social and work on your conversational skills. (If you have an issue with this)

Alright, enough of the philosophy stuff. Let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Christina. I'm a 48yo single, white female ! I'm 5'8" and weigh about 140lbs. I'm a natural 38DD. I take great care of my body, I exercise and eat right (most of the time). I love getting dressed up and will always be perfectly groomed for you! My hands and feet are always perfectly manicured. I will be dolled up for you every time ! 


I am a multi-faceted girl !! When you come to see me you have choices on session types. I'm a Full Companion and Sensual Massage Provider.....and more. 


I prefer our first date to be a Sensual Body Rub Session. This allows us some couch time to break the ice and you get to experience an amazing body rub filled with tantalizing teasing touches and a traditional stress relieving end (Not FS). I'm skilled and masterful with my tantric touch ! I do allow mutual touch during this session type. Its not in the nude, but I will be wearing sexy lingerie ! 

Its a great first date, (however not a required first session).  I just believe in the building process and our subsequent dates can be more intimate and personable. Yes, I'm a Full Companion but if you're open to doing things differently so that you get different results....try it my way !


I'm not opposed to our first date being a Full Companion session, so its ok to ask. I know the traveling man is usually only in town for a short time, so doing an abridged process of getting to know each other and enjoying our time together will be on the fast track !! 


As i said earlier, I'm a multi-faceted girl. I'm great at loving, affectionate (passionate) sessions. I am also very fetish friendly, I love being a dominant and have experience in most things considered kinky. I'm very much in touch with my sexuality and those layers of me get unlocked as we get to know each other better. I would love to hear about your fantasies and deepest desires and then making them a reality for you !! Maybe there are layers of YOU that need to be unlocked as well. No, this is not an invitation for you to write me a lengthy text or email with your wish list of wants and fantasies. We do it in person and as we get to know each other better! 

If you are the guy that wants immediate gratification, that comes blazing thru my door wanting it ALL and wanting it NOW....I do not think we are a good match. If you do what you've always done, then you will get what you've always gotten !! and there are plenty of girls out there that would love to rush you in and out their door !!


I am a low volume provider. I prefer fewer but longer dates. I have a private incall which I do not want a lot of in and out traffic. With the longer dates, we don't have to feel so rushed !! Ideally, a 2 or 3 hour session is a great time and you get to really escape to a private place where you get to be YOU. You have no commitments to me and need to put up facades to impress me ! Just be you. 


I'm all about true companionship. If you want to come hang out, you can. If you want me to make dinner (or we order out)...you can. Want a Netflix night with some wine and cuddling....you can. There are tons of ways for us to kill time together !

I'm not a "Quickie" girl, so if at any point you feel compelled to ask me what my donation is for 15 min or 30 min after reading all this, well then you've missed my point completely and there is no need to reach out. If you read all the above and feel we would be a good match, know that none of this is about being rushed ! My time minimum is One Hour, but not a choice that I like. It feels very rushed to me ! ....but doable if you are pressed for time and $$.


To finalize, let me give you some bullet points that you should know before you make your appointment !


I host our dates. Private, Clean, Safe Incall.

20 minutes or so, South of Greensboro. I cannot be more specific, due to the whole small town syndrome thing that all of us, that do not live in the big cities, suffer from !

When scheduling time with me, just plan on a drive that is approx 20 min South of Greensboro, off a major Interstate.


No Outcall


I have safe practices and although time with me is very much like a girlfriend experience, its still with safe practices. I've got a clean bill of health and plan to keep it that way. 


Cash Only Donations Accepted


With all communications, be respectful. No explicit language or questions. This site is designed to answer most questions and is always available for your reference.

Donation Info

Massage / General Time

180 - 1.0 hr

240 - 1.5 hr

300 - 2.0 hr

450 - 3.0 hr

Each additional hour - 200

Intimate Companionship - FS

280 - 1.0 hr

340 - 1.5 hr

400 - 2.0 hr

550 - 3 hr

Each additional hour - 200

Light Screening is required. I'm as non-invasive as I can be without jeopardizing my liberties. I have a strict rule about not dating men in the law enforcement profession and I will check for this ! I'll ask you some simple questions during your initial inquiry to me, which covers what I want from you to screen you. I'm so non-invasive that most men do not even know that they just got screened 🙂 


No men under 35y. No exception. Do not lie and say you are older, if you look like a pup when you come to my door, I will turn you away 


Email or Text Me ! Your choice.


I'm not a big drinker, but am always up for a sharing a glass of wine together. Bring your choice of beverage if you like.


No drugs. Do not come to me drunk or under the influence of drugs. I like my men coherent.

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